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Horse Hat*

Fifteen minutes of riding yesterday. Bareback, seatbones digging into Sage's back, legs wrapped around his barrel in that special well-balanced way that only happens when I am riding well and he's not extra pudgy.

Sage was very lovey on the ground and present under saddle. I swear he puts himself into a better frame all on his own when I ride him right. Tucks his head right under and lengthens his topline. I love those days when I feel both tall and rooted in the saddle; when my horse feels both happy and eager to work.

Nice to be back in the 'saddle' so soon. With his issues last week I feared it would be a lot longer before we got back there. Bonus points for his mellow cheerfulness given it was windy enough for Dorothy to not be in Kansas any more while I was riding...

*to be made this summer out of yarn made from all the Sage hair I'm collecting now


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Apr. 3rd, 2009 08:41 am (UTC)
i am reminded of Flight of the Conchords where brett has a helmet made entirely of hair.

kinda creepy..

but horse hair is kinda cool!
Apr. 3rd, 2009 12:34 pm (UTC)
ooo - does horse hair felt? I've been doing all these felting experiments with regular wool and some dog, (except dog smells of wet dog - not surprising but disconcerting) but I never thought to try it with horse.
Apr. 3rd, 2009 07:18 pm (UTC)
Hmm...I'm not sure...

but here's a link about the Curly Fiber guild:

Apr. 3rd, 2009 12:46 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear you have a horse hat. A lot of people into the Californio thing seem to be keen on having horsehair mecates and what have you. Sounds like you could do a complete set of horsehair tack...
Apr. 3rd, 2009 07:18 pm (UTC)
If I knew how, which would be *awesome*

but. I know a spinner who lives about an hour from me. Leanring to spin is cool enough in its own right I suppose.
Apr. 3rd, 2009 08:20 pm (UTC)
Meh. It sounds cool but you get pretty dizzy just spinning the whole time.
Apr. 4th, 2009 07:51 pm (UTC)
Also, excuse my ignorance of american geography, if she was at your house, would Dorothy not already have left Kansas?
Apr. 5th, 2009 03:48 pm (UTC)
Not quite the way she did in "Wizard of Oz"...lol.
Apr. 5th, 2009 09:20 pm (UTC)
Depends how windy it was.
Apr. 8th, 2009 02:30 am (UTC)
yay! sounds like you two are doing well.
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